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January 21, 2020
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Submitted by: Malkin, added on 2007-04-07

Description: Female C3/DS Norn, Adult

Tags: immortal infertile highgen chichi strange colourful multicoloured

Groups [New!]: None

One of KnyteTrypper's creatures. "I'm sure you've seen norns that never thought, said, or did anything but "Go east." Nani is sort of like that, but with her it's "Touch norn!" She will do other stuff if you make her. Take her apart from other norns and she acts pretty much normal except for complaints about lonely. Once in a while pop her on the butt a couple of times and say "Nani eat food" to remind her to do so. Though she may not actually need to eat. She doesn't have a "die of old age" gene, so she won't. I don't believe she's immune to everything but short of being deliberately killed by something she has practical immortality. Fortunately she doesn't really like to breed much. She just likes to stand around directly in front of or behind another norn looking like the cat that just ate the mouse. She's actually sort of useful. She likes little norns, she doesn't get angry, she instructs them in proper advice. Hope you like her. She's one of my sweethearts."

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