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December 11, 2019
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Submitted by: tekwar, added on 2006-08-08

Description: Male C3/DS Norn, Youth

Tags: neiges akatora fastager immortal genderless infertile firstgen strange

Groups [New!]: None

Leaf died before being born, and that resulted in a fastaging, immortal norn without gender. It doesn't age past youth and can't be bred at all - even if you use some kind of agent to force it. Usually the sprites are female, but sometimes they're male. It's different every time you inject it. Sometimes the game will say that it's female or male, but it never really is. "How did this happen? I spliced an Akatora norn with a Bengals des Neiges norn and inseminated the egg into an ettin. The ettin died trying to lay the egg, thus also killing the unborn norn. (I had to use the tombstone creator agent to ressurect Leaf - she would have been gen.2 but now he's gen.1)." Leaf is very kind, outgoing, and extremely low-maintainence. Leaf was named after its original moniker - its current moniker is Snow.

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