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August 25, 2019
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Submitted by: DoringoRepository, added on 2018-01-25

Description: Male C3/DS Ettin, Child

Tags: lowgen cfe immortal red

Groups [New!]: None

MIGHT BE immortal.

Patwin is a young red CFEm ettin. In my world, red ettins were bred from blue ettins, which were originally a mutation in my regular CFEm desert ettins that caused them to become blue (about 174ish) in pigment whenever they were at the child stage. I selectively bred them until I got blue ettins which were blue even after the child stage. While breeding these blue ettins, some of the offspring were red, which I bred the red ettins from. It appears that sometimes the offspring of blue or red ettins will be the other color even if both parents are the same, and some will go back to their normal pigments.

However, Patwin is different from the rest of the red ettins, as he is 5 hours and 56 minutes old, yet still at a child stage.

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