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November 19, 2019
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Carn Alas

Submitted by: Lurhstaap, added on 2016-03-14

Description: Male C3/DS Norn, Baby

Tags: grendeltail newborn wolfling feral

Groups [New!]: None

Just for fun, here's a newborn from the current Grendeltail feral/wolfling run. Like all my Grendeltails his name is a generation code - it basically means he's the third generation in the second 26-gen run. Norns in the first run got single-part names (like Zen and Zither) with the first letter according to their generation. The first gens had A names, and so forth. The 27th gen is the first gen of the next run, which happens in a new world isolated from the original group, using the Z-names from the last group as the "first gen" for the new run. So Carn Alas means 'third gen of second batch of 26', or gen 29. You can change his name in your world if you like, of course, but if you want to keep using the naming scheme that's how it works. When you get up to Z-A, the next batch becomes A-B, B-B, and so forth. Not sure what I'll do when I get to Z-Z... I'll figure it out then! Carn Alas was only just hatched when I exported him, so he hasn't been taught a thing. He should exhibit most of the usual Grendeltail traits when he grows up, but I can't be sure since the occasional oddball does crop up, as with Zen the pacer. Keep an eye out for bizarre traits.

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