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November 13, 2019
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Submitted by: savannahs1, added on 2014-07-10

Description: Male C3/DS Norn, Child

Tags: hardman banshee red grenorn

Groups [New!]: None

This norn, and his female counterpart, have a rather interesting backstory that I thought up. They also have insane mutation rates in their color genes.

These two norns are some of the last of their species. An incident wiped out all but a male and a female, and a group Shee started a breeding program to restore the species to its former glory. The incident played out like this: A group of shee that were incredibly fearful that the ecosystem would collapse at any moment discovered that a certain species of norn was breeding rampantly and eating everything in sight, and that group, afraid that they would eat every plant species to extinction, decided to do something. There weren't very many members, bit biological vaporization devices were given to each member, and they were instructed to kill norns of that variety on sight. Eventually, all but two norns had been destroyed, despite the small number of members. A group that wanted to preserve norn life found out about the other group killing all of the norns, so they set out to find the two and breed them. They had to find the norns quickly, because the other group would not hesitate to end the existence of the species if they saw either one of the norns. Luckily, both norns were found alive. The group took them back and started a breeding program, where they would breed the norns as much as possible and also protest against the group that wanted to kill them by parading across sidewalks with signs that said that the other group wanted to make a species extinct.

This story is partially true. This norn, and his female counterpart, did indeed come from an overpopulated world where the biological vaporization device from the zombie pack was used on norns.

Long story short, there were too many, so a group of shee killed all but two that another group saved and bred.

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