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February 17, 2020
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Glorious Crime

Submitted by: savannahs1, added on 2014-05-24

Description: Female C3/DS Grendel, Adult

Tags: spliced highgen jungle harlequin blue

Groups [New!]: None

Glorious Crime was the result of splicing hundreds of random creatures,a generation 1000000 fallow TCR norn,as you can see from what generation she is,and numerous clones of Lightning,also TCR,for some added insanity.She seems to be addicted to food of any kind,and has never met another creature in her life.I don't recommend keeping her around norns you care about unless you have taught her that hitting norns is bad.Even then,make sure you supervise her,or have Stop Slapping Creatures injected into your world,because everyone knows that creatures can be very unpredictable,and might do things that they know very well that they should not be doing,like murdering a norn after you almost killed them trying to get them to stop hitting twenty million times before.I can't tell what breed her norn parts are,and my best guess is that they're harlequin.I let her have her way with the food from the wooden box,so she shouldn't bother you about that for a while.When she's hungry,though,get a room full of food ready,or face many plant species being eaten to extinction!

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