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October 20, 2019
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Submitted by: NoxTheNorn, added on 2012-09-08

Description: Male C3/DS Norn, Adult

Tags: chichi dream fire lowgen strange

Groups [New!]: None

This is Dylan, the Poor Little Guy Who (Apparently) Can't Die -- or rather, a clone of Dylan. I'm posting him here in response to requests by one or two people at who wanted a closer look at his genome. Dylan came to my attention during a closely-monitored game when he began having problems eating properly -- even when there was food right in front of him -- and I couldn't immediately see why. I tried reminding him several times to eat and even gave him a little smack when he didn't comply to see if that would get his attention...but it didn't work.

I then exported him along with a second norn who was having trouble eating into another DS world based on Danikat's IQ Test (a description is available at the Creatures Wiki) -- a test he had passed once before. The other norn promptly died from being poisoned by the ATP decoupler and the Medical Monitor Agent indicated that Dylan had it as well...yet he was still alive (which shouldn't have been possible). I pulled up the X-Ray Agent to have a closer look at him and was shocked to discover that most of his vital functions (brain, drives, stomach, liver A, liver B, heart, spine, lung, loci, kidney, skin, gonad, fight, FDO, stress, immune, and bone functions) were all at 0%.

I imported him back into his original game and got him to eat by means of the Creature Remote Control as a last resort, but eating did not reduce his hunger at all -- evidently because so many of his vital functions have failed. I then attempted to euthanize him by drowning him and also by prompting him to eat what appear to be poisonous insects in the Terra metaroom...but that didn't seem to work either. The only conclusion I can draw is that the poor little guy might be immortal and can't die by ordinary means, but I can't imagine that life is all that pleasant for him.

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