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October 20, 2019
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Submitted by: NoxTheNorn, added on 2012-09-07

Description: Female C3/DS Norn, Youth

Tags: chichi fire scared lowgen strange

Groups [New!]: None

This is Becky, the Norn With Generalized Anxiety Disorder (constantly scared), whom I'm posting in response to one or two people over at who expressed an interest in seeing her genome. Her parents were a ChiChi norn (mother) and a Fire norn (father). What's odd is that I had another ChiChi/Fire cross in another game -- this one with a ChiChi father and Fire mother -- that also had what appeared to be a chronic/constant complaint resulting from his genetics. He was always complaining about being hot, and nothing helped him. In the same vein, nothing seems to help Becky feel safe.

P.S. I recommend injecting her into a world populated with at least a few other creatures. I tried injecting her into an empty world with no other creatures, and she died not long thereafter even though I could not detect anything wrong with her (such as bacteria, toxins, or severe lack of nutrients). Maybe the shock was too much for her.

Becky is a second generation norn.

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