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February 29, 2020
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Submitted by: Wolfie, added on 2011-02-16

Description: Female C3/DS Norn, Youth

Tags: blue multicolored neiges chichi breeder

Groups [New!]: None

Bernhilde is my favorite norn of all time. I made a random norn crossbreed egg, sure it would be a Bengal or a Bruin or a Civet, but instead I got a cross between a Bengal des Neiges and one of several altered ChiChi genomes. This norn has gone through several color stages, her current one shown in the picture. Bernhilde here has had seven children, two boys (one of whom was stillborn) and five girls (one of whom died soon after birth as well). She seems to be somewhat of a breeder, and occasionally passes on a couple altered genes to her offspring. Please specify picture 3.
P.S.: Bernhilde is from Docking Station.

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