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January 25, 2020
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Submitted by: Wolfie, added on 2010-11-09

Description: Female C3/DS Norn, Youth

Tags: c3grendel bruin butterfly pregnant strange

Groups [New!]: None

Annie was, like Sasha and Humphrey, exported from the account-where-I-breed-all-my-phenomenally-unique-norns-in-the-Crypt, but this time because she freaked me out. (What with her grendel head and all.) She was imported into another world, copied, and stuck in the grendel world with some other norn I didn't like. It was only later, when I came in to check on the norns even though I very nearly detested them, that I found she looked unbalanced. I turned her around AND SAW THAT SHE HAD ONE GRENDEL ARM AND ONE ARM THAT WAS BRUIN!!! Well, I for one had never seen this before, and began rapidly breeding her with the help of my only breeding agent. Only one of her kids inherited her scrambled-arm gene, but she's pregnant anyway. Finally, Annie died due to unknown causes (maybe a gene flaw, maybe grendel-world poison...I do not know! I do not have any kind of agent to see how a norn died). However, she is pretty young in this copy (I'm lucky I had a copy). I don't know how she works in DS; I have never tried a C3 norn in DS. Her unborn kid may require Bengal sprites.

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