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January 25, 2020
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Tuula 000042

Submitted by: minisauron, added on 2010-09-09

Description: Female C3/DS Grendel, Senile

Tags: minimordor melhite zwergbunt aquanorn immortal longlife old strange

Groups [New!]: None

A slightly older (now 2540 hours 53 minutes) clone version of Tuula 000021 (being a copy of “Trova Arima”, formerly known as “Echidna II”, the founder of the Arimeides dynasty). The further degeneration with extremely high age I attributed to Tuula 000021 was not real. I simply activated the “freeze all creatures” function of the “New Shortcuts.cos” from Amaikokonut without noticing it. (Btw.: Unqualified usage of “New Shortcuts.cos” may also have been responsible for the creation of WTK through the “create random egg” function...) In this further aged version she is unfrozen again and can do all the stuff Tuula 000013 could.

If my calculations are correct this creature is my number 177 on TCR. This would let me tie with angelneko submission-wise... But I don't dare breaking that old record, so maybe someone else wants to?

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