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May 26, 2020
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Submitted by: minisauron, added on 2010-08-27

Description: Male C3/DS Grendel, Adult

Tags: minimordor melhite iq wolfling highgen

Groups [New!]: 1000gen.-iqtest-wolfingrun(aws 100405)

This Über-GoM of the Xiet matriline was part of the population at the end of my fifth 1000 generation Wolfing Run (AWS 100405). The Run was ended after 23472000 World Ticks (326 hours 0 minutes) when there were no more creatures below generation 1000. There was absolutely no outside interference during the Run and the Hand, cloaked by virtue of the Hand Hider, merely had the role of an observer. The breeding population was set to 24 and my “Ovicidal Agent” contraption kept the number of eggs in the world close to that number too by cyclic removal of old eggs. All females had to pass an automated IQ-Test in order to A: Migrate to the Feeding Grounds (only there was edible stuff for a young female to be found) and survive to adulthood; and B: Return to the Breeding Grounds before turning old. Since failing the test prevented breeding, you might think that after 1000 generations these Grendels might be very smart (at least the females). But I guess it wasn’t really “survival of the fittest”, more likely it was “survival of the least inadequate” or even “survival of the luckiest” and “intelligence” was simply kept above some minimum baseline level... The founders of this Run are creatures 1665 (Acid Aled) to 1686 (male14) on TCR. Pronounced genetic drift often created ultimate ancestors, the first one of them on the female side is Fire Xiet. Genetic comparisons might be interesting. The female appearance genes, for example, went through outrageous deletions, multiple body part assignments, and faulty gene configurations.

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