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January 25, 2020
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Submitted by: Grendel Man, added on 2010-08-15

Description: Female C3/DS Grendel, Child

Tags: waterfall waterryuujin firstgen blue wolfling

Groups [New!]: None

Buritani was a grendel spawned during one of my earliest wolfling runs; where I was attempting to create crosses between my Waterfall Grendels and Grendel Girl 88's Water Ryuujin Grendels. It didn't end well, as too many of the resulting offspring had severe defects.

Buritani had a mutation that left her stuck as a baby. Considering that I had her file backed up on my jump drive, I extracted her genetics file, fixed the mutated gene (the receptor that was supposed to make her age to childhood instead told her to age to adolescence), and reimported her fixed genome into a C3 standalone world (hence her current lack of coloration).

I don't know her too well, but she apparently likes to rest around eggs (from her Water Ryuujin heritage) and slamming around gadgets. You'll have to find out what her quirks are yourself.

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