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January 22, 2020
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Submitted by: Vatrena, added on 2010-07-26

Description: Male C2 Norn, Youth

Tags: strange mernorn pixie camelot fantasia

Groups [New!]: None

His moniker is 7DQT, but don't try to open it using Genetics Kit! It will show 2 error messages because this Norn has probably got too many genes (909 genes). Brain, Decision and Drives Support will show 100% rate in Science Kit. Actually Umber has got 2 Drives Support, one with 100% rate and another with 49% rate. It seems some organs have got no receptors and emitters, e.g. brain, while other have got a dozens of them, e.g. both Drives Supports. For some reason his muscles are marked red in Science Kit. If you look his genes in Science Kit, you will probably notice that he has got a tail gene (I don't know why Umber hasn't got a tail when you import him in C2) and 3 heads!! His mum is Fantasia/Camelot Norn mix with 1771 neurons and his dad is Pixie Mernorn. I don't know if this Norn is amphibious. I wouldn't recommend to breed him, unless you expect and want some Norns that are even more strange than this.

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