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January 19, 2020
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Submitted by: Vatrena, added on 2010-07-17

Description: Male C2 Norn, Child

Tags: firstgen cloud white strange

Groups [New!]: None

He was my favourite Norn ever, he was an angel. He was eating very well and sleeping without any help, usually when I wasn't watching him or when he was playing with ball. He was so obedient. But now, after I used Force Ageing, he has got BIG problems with glycogen so be sure to inject glycogen in his body every 10 minutes or so. You will don't need to worry about sleeping too much, but now he seems to get easily tired. He has got a lot of trouble with eating, so please be patient with this poor Norn. Please, give him some chicken soup (you can download it on Mummy's Creatures). He has a lot of geddonase in his body and hasn't got any adipose tissue. Don't punish him with slapping and please, treat him as you would treat your favourite Norns. No, he hasn't got OHSS. World where he used to live has crashed, and since I imported him in new, similar world, he has got big problems. In .exp file he is about 1 h and 10 minutes old. He was 1 h and 47 minutes old in my crashed world, and was an angel. He hadn't any problems with anything. He was in puberty and had one child, Deo. Deo is still alive, ofc.
I didn't know that a Norn with 1771 neurons could have any problems.

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