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April 5, 2020
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Submitted by: Freezair, added on 2010-05-15

Description: Female C3/DS Norn, Adult

Tags: ettin bengal neko santa pmn strange blue seru

Groups [New!]: None

This strange little norn (with a Bengal head, Ettin body, C1 Santa arms, C1 PMN legs, and Neko Ettin tail) was the first norn I got from the SERU (randomly created) agent. As a baby, she had a crippling gait mutation that made it difficult for her to walk (especially on sloped terrain); she would also bob her head up and down as she walked, giving her a name. Once she grew up, though, she got better. Now, aside from a few quirks (such as a slight limp, and the fact that she sleeps standing up) she's perfectly healthy and even seems to be pretty smart, too. I never have to shout at her to take care of herself, unlike I do for some other norns. ;P

If you breed her, be warned that her children seem to inherit her same odd gait as babies, so they may need a little extra help to get over the child-stage hump. She and her offspring turn a funny blue color during youth and adolesence, but they grow out of it. Also, she and they get a "pained/sad" expression on their faces when sleepy or tired. Don't worry, it goes away once they rest.

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