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January 20, 2020
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Submitted by: norngirl, added on 2009-11-12

Description: Female C3/DS Norn, Baby

Tags: pmn gargoyle magma red lightpink acidpink white angry spliced multicolored

Groups [New!]: None

Devea is a splice ,none of the ones i spliced were red, they were blue (and i know they wasn't colorshifting norns either, I prefer norns keeping their color troughout life mostly ,and those i spliced was two blue keepingcolorforever types ^^' ) So Her Red color was a surprise :3 She is generation 3 and also got a neat apperance too, pmn, gargoyle, magma..
Also oddly enough, she colorshifts >_> Her red color will go to a
faint lightpink, then to a reddish faded tint,then out of suddenly a
Acid-WhitePink color (o.o) and at last when color at all O.o' Also, she tends to look angry quite often (you can see that when she faces you) So yes she is quite unique XD

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