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November 13, 2018
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Breeding Contest & CCSF 2009 - 03 November, 2009 by ElasticMuffin
The CCSF 2009 breeding contest is underway! Check this page on the CCSF site for more information. See also this post for information and tips about submitting creatures for the CCSF :)

All creatures submitted for the ongoing CCSF celebrations can be found in the CCSF09 group here on TCR!

Finally, in light of some problems people have been having I bumped the file size of submitted creatures up to 250k. Any bigger than that and you probably need to ditch some pictures or something. ;)

Enjoy the CCSF! Post any questions or comments on this news post, or contact me on Creaturetopia or Malkin on Creatures Caves.

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