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November 13, 2018
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I return! And other triumphant news! - 19 September, 2009 by ElasticMuffin
Hello, intrepid TCR'rs! I return to you, at the turn of the tide! I also come back to discover that TCR has over 1300 creatures these days, with downloads nearing 9000!

For the longest time the news script on this site was broken and I was entirely too busy to try to hack my way back into it. As you can see, though, my latest attempt was successful, and I now have tidings of both great sadness and great joy.

For the news script was not the only thing broken. In fact, all emails being sent from this site over the last couple of months never made it out. So, no notifications about norns being added to the database, no lost password emails, no nothing. I am really sorry about this and I hope that is fixed for good.

On to the good news! First, it appears that TCR will play a role in the upcoming Creatures Community Spirit Festival. I pledge to to my best to stay on top of moderation, with the help of the awesome Malkin. More about that later, along with a primer about the Group feature of this site that I never bothered to really post about on here.

Finally, those of you who may have forgotten their password may be relieved to discover that I have now made it easier to recover them on the lost password page. You need only remember your username now, and have a vague recollection of the various accounts you might have registered with.

If you have completely forgotten your old email address or have other problems, I invite you to go post about them on this Creaturetopia forum thread that I have made especially for this purpose.

Thanks, and keep an eye out for more future updates!

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