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June 25, 2018
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Tips for Submitting - 28 May, 2008 by ElasticMuffin
Here's a quick couple of tips if you want your Norns processed fast:

  • Always have a description and tags that point out all the Norn's features, including breeds, colors, and other interesting things such as "grenorn", "breeder", etc. "strange" Norns will generally take longer to process because they need more checking.

  • Have a good picture (in the case of C3/DS norns, this means taking one in-game before exporting)! Without a good picture we can't accept it, no matter how good your description is.

  • Submit similar Norns close to each other. We can process batches of Norns quicker if the similar ones are together in the queue.

These things will help everything go faster and help your creatures get accepted more rapidly.

Comments (3)

jdownie - 30 May, 2008

Could you integrate the pic converter into the submission page so we can get a preview pic of the norn we are sending? That way we can verify breeds ourselves too.

ElasticMuffin - 08 June, 2008

That's a good idea. I will eventually try to see if that is possible.

Dragoler - 11 June, 2008

Have you ever thought of including geats into the repository?

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