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May 21, 2018
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Search Bug Fixed - 28 March, 2008 by ElasticMuffin
A major issue with a recent tweak I made to the search engine caused any creatures-browsing to stop working unless you were logged in. It's fixed now. :)

... seriously, if fuzzie hadn't pointed this out today, I'd probably never have noticed. You guys need to complain about problems more! I promise I'll fix them. :)

Comments (7)

jdownie - 28 March, 2008

But how do we complain when their is no complaints form?

Also, if you click on a username next to a norn to do a search on that user, you get a weird mysql line.

jdownie - 28 March, 2008

After clicking my own username and then View, I got this:

Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/diagona/public_html/tcr/creatures.php on line 108
Sorry, no matching creatures in the database. Modify your search and try again, or submit a few!

I have ten norns on the database.

ElasticMuffin - 28 March, 2008

Report them here, like you have, or alternatively, send an e-mail to tcr [atsign]

jdownie - 28 March, 2008

Cool. All fixed now!

Lf751 - 17 May, 2008

Why does it take so long to get my creatures verified! are your modirators lazy?

Add me or someone sle in the UK because I've been waiting two days!

ElasticMuffin - 20 May, 2008

This realization may shock you, but the moderators and myself have these things called "real lives". :) We do our best to keep things from getting too backed up. Also please remember that sometimes we have to hold Norns longer to make sure they are properly described before being added.

jdownie - 30 May, 2008

It would be cool if the pic converter could be integrated into the submissions page so you get a preview of the norn you are sending in case you forget about them.

You guys are doing great.

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