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May 21, 2018
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Milestone Mania - 14 February, 2008 by ElasticMuffin
Hello, guys- did you know that TCR has, as of this evening, had 1000 creatures accepted into its database? It's true! Grendel Man has claimed the lucky ID-1000 spot with his charming Goldfish Grendal, Goldia. Congrats go to him and everyone else who has been busily submitting recently to help us achieve this milestone. (Your prize[1] is in the mail, Grendel Man ;)

In other news, I would like to note that I have introduced two additional members to the moderating staff, Malkin and kyevan. They will help to process submitted creatures along with the other moderators and myself henceforth.

More updates and perhaps a cool new project are slated for the future. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the site!

[1] Sorry, not actually a prize other than the everlasting fame and glory. But it's pretty cool, right?

Comments (2)

BonnieShee - 16 February, 2008

Oh, and I don't get everlasting fame and glory for the 666th creature, Armadillone? :P Just joking.

Conbragulations, Grenman! XD

kyevan - 28 March, 2008

Oh, no. That's everlasting infamy and hatred.

(Not really. These views are those of the can of soda on my desk and do not necessarily reflect anything except light.)

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