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May 21, 2018
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Download problems (UPDATED) - 26 November, 2007 by ElasticMuffin
A small but critical bug with the download script that reared its ugly head when my host switched to PHP5 has now been squashed. As for the people who have been experiencing "Error: No creature with the given ID is in the database." messages, downloads should now be working again.

Sorry about that!

Update: I have fixed another issue that was preventing you from being able to go back and forth between pages of creatures in the database correctly. Phew. I hope this fixes everything, but if not, post a comment to this news post and let me know.

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Grendel Man - 02 December, 2007

There still seems to be a slight error issue:

Everywhere on the website, there's gibberish like this:
Notice: A session had already been started - ignoring session_start() in /home/diagona/public_html/tcr/include/tracking.php on line 5

Notice: Undefined variable: mysql_ob in /home/diagona/public_html/t­cr/include/mysqlhandler.php­ on line 22

ElasticMuffin - 04 December, 2007

Yep, that just popped up yesterday. It is hopefully fixed now. As I said- argh, things keep popping up even though I am not messing with the site at all. Annoying, eh?

ElasticMuffin - 05 December, 2007

Gah. The login script was also broken. Fixed now as well.

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