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December 16, 2018
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Ada Female C3/DS Norn, Youth siamese colored white 2014-04-20 19
Bareg Male C3/DS Norn, Youth siamese colored white red 2014-04-20 18
Frantic Thumb Male C3/DS Norn, Baby highgen splice white 2013-09-29 24
Lightning Female C3/DS Grendel, Adult jungle neon green blue white 2013-06-18 24
Cutout Male C3/DS Grendel, Adult jungle ghost white 2013-06-18 19
Etherea Female C3/DS Grendel, Adult jungle neon white green 2013-06-18 21
Lisa Female C1 Norn, Adult firstgen white haired pixie horse 2013-02-13 16
Shinella Female C3/DS Norn, Baby bondi zebra pink green white 2013-01-31 20
Glenda Female C3/DS Norn, Baby cfe colortrue fairyfloss pink white 2012-12-04 16
Adam Male C3/DS Norn, Adult killer aggressive alien grendel white pink blue fiona 2011-07-03 57
BeeGee51264 Female C3/DS Grendel, Adult minimordor melhite highgen spliced immortal red blue purple white worker jungle 2011-06-07 22
Snowstorm Male C3/DS Ettin, Adult white poodle jungle 2011-04-28 12
WTK Female C3/DS Norn, Baby strange white ghost jungle 2010-09-07 20
Wiba Female C3/DS Grendel, Adult wolfling jungle white purple 2010-09-01 13
Woody Male C3/DS Ettin, Baby neon green blue white yellow cfe grettin 2010-08-20 15
Adelio Male C2 Norn, Child firstgen cloud white strange 2010-07-17 13
Lesakh Female C2 Norn, Adolescent cloud fertile friendly breeder immortal white 2010-07-09 29
PaleBum Male C2 Norn, Youth pale white green red purple emerald banana gdn 2010-02-21 17
Dee Female C1 Norn, Adult yin-yang white fox banana 2009-12-08 54
Vinona Female C3/DS Norn, Youth light purple yellow white fox pmn fallow 2009-11-12 18
Devea Female C3/DS Norn, Baby pmn gargoyle magma red lightpink acidpink white angry spliced multicolored 2009-11-12 23
Flipp Male C3/DS Norn, Baby malay okapi white purple 2009-11-03 12
Fiona Female C3/DS Norn, Adult killer alien grendel white fiona 2009-10-30 82
Len Male C3/DS Norn, Adolescent green white purple multicolored hardman bruin grendel wolfling 2009-06-14 24
Aiden Male C3/DS Grendel, Baby banshee firstgen butterfly magma angry white blue yellow multicolored 2009-05-15 21
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