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April 2, 2020
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Name Description Tags Added DLs
Disfigured Laboratory Female C3/DS Ettin, Adolescent poodle mask bruin 2012-03-11 10
Slumbering Nightmare Male C3/DS Ettin, Baby mask dragonflydemon poodle 2012-03-11 10
Horus Male C3/DS Norn, Adult seru gaius poodle dragonflydemon spliced 2012-02-02 29
Jaime Female C3/DS Norn, Adult strange poodle 2011-06-24 13
Swing Male C3/DS Ettin, Baby blue purple worker poodle 2011-04-28 22
Snowstorm Male C3/DS Ettin, Adult white poodle jungle 2011-04-28 12
Phlees Female C3/DS Ettin, Youth blue poodle pregnant gengineered firstgen 2011-04-25 24
Freya Female C3/DS Norn, Baby cfe nettin poodle angry spliced green blue purple 2011-04-07 22
Bong Female C3/DS Ettin, Baby cfe treehugger siamese poodle jungle 2011-02-16 9
Reiziro Male C3/DS Ettin, Youth sea poodle purple magenta neon 2010-07-21 13
Facepalm Male C3/DS Ettin, Adult poodle jungle splice strange fastager seru 2010-05-31 15
FreakOut Male C3/DS Norn, Adult bengal aardvark poodle strange splice seru 2010-05-25 28
Knaval Female C3/DS Norn, Child horse poodle ron nettin 2009-02-15 13
Theresa Female C3/DS Norn, Baby chameleon poodle pink 2007-09-10 13
Azalea Female C3/DS Ettin, Baby poodle white ghost 2007-08-06 15
Dax Male C3/DS Ettin, Adult poodle lemming 2007-08-06 10
Brock Male C3/DS Ettin, Baby pink poodle lemming chameleon 2007-07-23 12
Bradley Male C3/DS Ettin, Youth pink poodle dragonflydemon 2007-07-23 14
Byrian Male C3/DS Ettin, Adolescent poodle blue red multicolored 2006-12-20 15
Hopalong Female C3/DS Ettin, Adolescent poodle 2006-10-25 17
Crissade Female C3/DS Ettin, Adult poodle dragonflydemon wingedettin pink 2006-10-11 12
Axel Male C3/DS Ettin, Baby blue nettin poodle civet fallow 2006-08-12 14
Bernhardine Female C3/DS Norn, Baby nettin poodle bengal civet nenya green multicolored 2006-08-12 14
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