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April 2, 2020
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Name Description Tags Added DLs
Clarity Female C2 Norn, Baby akamaicanny immortal hebe golden pixie 2016-12-09 12
Needful Male C2 Norn, Adolescent tortured c252 pixie emerald 2016-10-25 13
Bongo Male C2 Norn, Baby emerald pixie 2013-12-02 9
Hans Male C2 Norn, Baby pixie emerald 2013-10-15 9
Lisa Female C1 Norn, Adult firstgen white haired pixie horse 2013-02-13 16
Caucus Female C2 Norn, Baby hebe pixie purple 2013-01-07 10
Gilbert Male C2 Norn, Baby bulbous pixie hebe purple splice 2013-01-07 15
ViableRon Female C2 Norn, Baby pixie ron purple mutant 2013-01-07 12
Halitosis Female C2 Grendel, Baby pink purple pixie bulbous emerald 2013-01-07 15
Elephant Male C2 Ettin, Baby pink purple worker pixie emerald 2013-01-07 11
Dueteronomy Male C3/DS Grendel, Baby c1grendel pmn ron pixie santa grenorn 2011-12-10 19
Numbers Male C3/DS Norn, Baby c1grendel pmn ron pixie grenorn 2011-12-10 20
Matt Male C2 Norn, Adolescent pixie novasubterra 2010-08-23 13
Molly Female C2 Norn, Adult fantasia butterfly pixie breeder 2010-07-30 20
Lily Female C2 Norn, Baby pink novasubterra butterfly pixie 2010-07-29 20
Umber Male C2 Norn, Youth strange mernorn pixie camelot fantasia 2010-07-26 20
Tsune Female C3/DS Norn, Old blue horse pixie fox bengal 2009-10-18 23
Adrift Male C1 Norn, Adult banana horse pixie breeder 2009-09-13 21
Amber Female C1 Norn, Adult pixie horse yellow breeder 2009-09-13 28
Weed Male C1 Norn, Baby green pixie firstgen 2009-01-12 49
Terra Female C1 Norn, Baby green pixie firstgen 2009-01-12 36
Alice Female C1 Norn, Baby pixie firstgen 2008-12-30 19
Erik Male C2 Norn, Child emerald pixie desert multicolored pink purple green blue feral 2008-07-09 15
Shadewood Female C2 Norn, Adult pmn pixie horse 2007-07-11 21
Madat Male C1 Norn, Baby pixie banana highlander 2007-02-25 20
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