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April 10, 2020
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Name Description Tags Added DLs
GartaGarta Female C2 Norn, Child midsummer dewa mer morriganslake wolfling 2015-03-30 8
Flora Female C2 Norn, Senile mer dewa morriganslake midsummer pregnant wolfling 2015-03-30 8
Gara Male C2 Norn, Baby dewa midsummer mer wolfling 2015-03-30 4
Faroro Male C2 Norn, Adult dewa midsummer mer wolfling 2015-03-30 5
Daniel Male C2 Norn, Adult dewa midsummer mer amphibious wolfling 2015-03-30 7
Gondro Male C2 Norn, Child dewa midsummer mer wolfling 2015-03-30 7
Ephira Female C2 Norn, Senile dewa morriganslake midsummer frog wolfling 2015-03-30 6
Fatima Female C2 Norn, Adult mer valentine dewa midsummer wolfling 2015-01-02 6
Talia Female C2 Norn, Baby midsummer kai mickey orange black 2014-12-04 10
Sleipner Female C2 Norn, Baby mickey morrigan midsummer orange black blue 2014-12-04 9
Felix Male C2 Norn, Adolescent morrigan midsummer valentine blue orange infertile 2014-12-04 8
Flib Male C2 Norn, Youth midsummer flora uriel digipoint camelot breeder 2010-07-30 22
Star Female C2 Norn, Child yellow purple flora midsummer calypso 2010-07-15 14
Lego Female C2 Norn, Child multicolored winged butterfly camelot uni midsummer pink blue 2010-07-15 17
Commander Female C2 Norn, Youth mickey midsummer black pink 2010-07-13 16
Candy Female C2 Norn, Child pink midsummer butterfly 2008-02-27 19
Tesni Male C2 Norn, Adult midsummer fetz red orange 2007-11-16 31
Felicia Female C2 Norn, Child blue pink eldorado fantasia midsummer gargoyle bavaria 2007-02-28 18
Kazua Female C2 Norn, Baby pink easter furryessex midsummer calypso uni 2006-09-20 22
Charly Male C2 Norn, Baby multicolored green purple stella uriel midsummer dewa melange 2006-09-20 12
Kandida Female C2 Norn, Baby white blue brown christmas uriel bavaria midsummer 2006-09-20 18
Candidus Male C2 Norn, Baby green pink fluffy uriel dewa midsummer 2006-09-19 15
Caecilie Female C2 Norn, Baby uriel spike midsummer draco melange pink yellow 2006-08-26 10
Benny Male C2 Norn, Baby brown green scorpio spike ladybird midsummer bird 2006-08-26 15
Aron Male C2 Norn, Baby ivy wulf draco midsummer strange green 2006-08-10 11
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