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November 13, 2018
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Nibi Female C2 Norn, Child feral2 golden firstgen gengineered 2017-07-19 4
Ninez Male C2 Norn, Baby feral2 golden firstgen gengineered 2017-07-19 3
Clarity Female C2 Norn, Baby akamaicanny immortal hebe golden pixie 2016-12-09 10
Laeta Female C2 Norn, Baby canny golden spotted lowgen 2016-11-19 7
Marshguine Male C2 Norn, Baby canny golden bat frog 2016-11-19 9
Starfish Female C2 Norn, Baby kannova dewa frog golden lowgen 2016-11-19 6
Sakeron Male C2 Norn, Baby kannova hebe golden lowgen 2016-11-19 7
Wineron Male C2 Norn, Baby canny akamaicanny golden hebe lowgen 2016-11-19 8
Aurale Female C2 Grendel, Baby akamaicanny canny golden hebe lowgen 2016-11-19 7
Shirl Female C2 Norn, Baby golden grenorn emerald scorpio spliced 2013-10-15 15
Christine Female C2 Grendel, Adolescent strange grettinorn scorpio golden infertile 2013-10-15 7
Goldeia Female C3/DS Norn, Adult light faint golden yellow pmn 2010-07-10 14
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