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April 9, 2020
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Name Description Tags Added DLs
Measly Stream Male C3/DS Norn, Adult butterfly pearlmaid pearlmermaid blue gray amphibious cff colortrue lowgen 2016-07-31 16
Smith Female C3/DS Ettin, Baby cfe winged chichi butterfly lowgen 2013-03-29 18
Bluebell Female C3/DS Norn, Adult apple butterfly lowgen 2012-09-10 21
Lepidoptera Female C3/DS Norn, Baby firstgen cfe butterfly 2012-09-07 38
Colias Male C3/DS Norn, Baby firstgen cfe butterfly 2012-09-07 35
RW Male C3/DS Norn, Adolescent aquanorn amphibious butterfly rightwalker lowgen 2012-04-14 21
Jelsa Female C3/DS Norn, Adult civet butterfly breeder 2011-10-12 22
Dakota Male C3/DS Norn, Adult fallow butterfly bruin breeder 2011-10-12 22
Sawyer Male C3/DS Norn, Youth fallow civet butterfly 2011-10-03 14
Leisha Female C3/DS Norn, Youth astro dream zebra fallow butterfly breeder 2011-10-03 21
Jenny Female C3/DS Norn, Baby cfe dream butterfly slider 2011-08-19 19
Roy Male C3/DS Norn, Youth shagadelic butterfly siamese c3grendel rainbow 2010-11-09 21
Annie Female C3/DS Norn, Youth c3grendel bruin butterfly pregnant strange 2010-11-09 29
Humphrey Male C3/DS Norn, Baby zebra siamese green c3grendel bruin butterfly strange 2010-11-09 27
Sasha Female C3/DS Norn, Baby bruin siamese butterfly c3grendel strange 2010-11-09 21
Feivel Male C3/DS Norn, Adult highgen gargoyle butterfly dream fire breeder wolfling purple green 2010-11-04 29
Mykel Male C3/DS Norn, Baby butterfly draconian apple fire zebra breeder inquisitive red 2010-11-03 21
Hermiona Female C2 Norn, Adolescent butterfly novasubterra 2010-07-30 20
Molly Female C2 Norn, Adult fantasia butterfly pixie breeder 2010-07-30 20
Tonks Female C2 Norn, Adult camelot butterfly konfetti 2010-07-29 17
Ginny Female C2 Norn, Child pink mimikry butterfly 2010-07-29 17
Sirius Male C2 Norn, Adult butterfly camelot konfetti 2010-07-29 18
Lily Female C2 Norn, Baby pink novasubterra butterfly pixie 2010-07-29 20
Korex Male C3/DS Norn, Old dark purple blue banana butterfly c2emerald 2010-07-18 15
Kururi Male C3/DS Norn, Adult green dark blue banana c2emerald butterfly 2010-07-18 19
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