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April 5, 2020
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Name Description Tags Added DLs
Electric Owl Male C3/DS Ettin, Baby cfe worker nettin blue 2018-01-25 5
Battle Ink Female C3/DS Ettin, Adult green blue slowager cfe jungle worker 2018-01-25 6
Hawk Fate Male C3/DS Ettin, Adult colortrue cfe blue worker lowgen 2017-10-22 7
Measly Stream Male C3/DS Norn, Adult butterfly pearlmaid pearlmermaid blue gray amphibious cff colortrue lowgen 2016-07-31 16
Aqua Female C3/DS Norn, Adult grenorn spliced immortal blue 2015-12-31 10
Garo Male C2 Norn, Child dewa mer blue wolfling 2015-03-30 8
Gandro Male C2 Norn, Child dewa mer blue wolfling 2015-03-30 8
Felix Male C2 Norn, Adult dewa mer purple blue amphibious wolfling 2015-03-30 9
Uuuuuuu Male C3/DS Ettin, Adult chichi blue nettin sea 2015-03-30 10
Sleipner Female C2 Norn, Baby mickey morrigan midsummer orange black blue 2014-12-04 9
Dennis Male C2 Norn, Baby stella valentine blue grey 2014-12-04 8
Felix Male C2 Norn, Adolescent morrigan midsummer valentine blue orange infertile 2014-12-04 8
Nightngale Male C2 Norn, Baby flora blue purebred 2014-12-04 9
Dany Female C3/DS Norn, Adult pearlmaid civet banshee blue bruin wolfling 2014-12-04 21
Barentina Female C3/DS Norn, Baby hardman banshee blue grenorn 2014-07-10 31
Jumble Female C3/DS Norn, Baby scrambled strange blue 2014-07-10 10
Glorious Crime Female C3/DS Grendel, Adult spliced highgen jungle harlequin blue 2014-05-24 22
Handy Decision Female C3/DS Norn, Adolescent frost autumn magma blue 2014-01-25 22
Sour Metal Female C3/DS Norn, Adult frost autumn magma blue 2014-01-25 23
Public Leaf Male C3/DS Norn, Baby bondi siamese colortrue blue purple 2013-10-15 29
Chancer Female C3/DS Norn, Baby civet turtle bruin jungle harlequin highgen blue spliced 2013-09-21 23
Titania Female C3/DS Norn, Adult blue green cyan pearlmermaid 2013-09-09 17
Lightning Female C3/DS Grendel, Adult jungle neon green blue white 2013-06-18 24
Jade Female C3/DS Norn, Baby magma cfe blue 2013-06-12 33
Chisa Female C3/DS Norn, Adolescent cfecross blue purple chichi bengal highgen spliced 2013-05-03 26
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