About The Creature Repository

What is all this, then?

Welcome, traveller, to The Creature Repository. This site serves as a large-scale creature adoption center for the Creatures series of games, including Creatures 1, 2, and 3, as well as Docking Station. Essentially, this site aims to collect as many Norns, Ettins, and Grendels as possible and make them available to you in a easy-to-use, searchable database. It also allows you to submit your own creatures to add to our collection.

That's it. No forum, no agents or metarooms, just creatures. Lots of them!

All creatures are downloadable and include a photo of the creature as well as an up-to-date readme containing the creature's information.

If you need to know more about the Creatures series, you should go visit the Creatures Wiki, which has all of the information you could ever need on all games as well as their creators, players, and numerous add-ons.

Who made this? Who's in charge?

This site was written from scratch by ElasticMuffin, who originally thought up the idea in late 2004, but somehow failed to get further than a layout at the time. After three extended periods of hiatus and with the poking and help of others, he finally managed to get it redesigned, programmed, and polished enough in time for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival in August 2006, and here you are.

The other moderators, past and present, include fuzzie, Syrra, KaelisRa, kyevan, Malkin and Aftran.


What sort of Creatures do you want?

Give me your Ettins, your Norns,
Your huddled Grendels yearning to breathe free,
The babbling egg-spawn of your teaming shores.
Send these, the worldless, lacking cheese, to me:
I lift a carrot beside the golden door!

We want nearly everything you have, within limits. All creatures which qualify as Norns, Ettins, Grendels, or a combination thereof for Creatures 1, 2, or 3 are fair game. We do not yet support other species for those games, and nor do we yet accept creatures for other games such as Creatures Village.

Otherwise, bring them on! Got a bunch of spare Norns lying around idle after a wolfing run? Have a cache of old ettins left over from something that you haven't played with in a while? Let us take them off your hands. Or, send us your latest cool, colorful creations. It's up to you, but send 'em in!

What are tags and how do I use them?

Tags are the method by which the Creatures in the database are described, aside from mundane attributes such as gender and species. They tell you what breeds make up a creature, what coloration it has, and what special conditions apply to it (such as fast-aging and the like). For example, a C3 Bruin norn with some Civet genes and blue coloration would have the tags: bruin civet blue

Special cases include Purple Mountain Norns, which may be shortened to pmn, and cross-species hybrids, which may be tagged as grettin, grenorn, nettin, or, for all three, grettinorn. Otherwise, only the first part of the breed name is needed, such as bengal or akatora.

All tags are single, uncapitalized words. When searching, remember that the search engine will try to match all tags against the creatures. If you're having no luck with a multiple-tag search, try removing one or more tags from your search and see if you get better results.

When submitting, make sure to consider what sorts of tags you would search for to find your creature. But don't put in things like 'norn' or 'c3' - those are covered by the rest of the submission form.