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This is an archive of a site that acted as a creature adoption center for the Creatures series of games, including Creatures 1, 2, and 3, as well as Docking Station. The goal was to build a large collection of Creatures submitted by users and to act as a convenient location for the community to upload them. All in all, over the site's 15 years, over 2400 Creatures were submitted.

Unfortunately, by 2019 the site's code had become an unmaintainable mess, and no Creatures had been submitted since 2017. As such, this site now serves as a static site to download the Creatures that users submitted. I offer my thanks to the people that helped with the site over the years, particularly Malkin, who single-handedly kept the site running for the better part of a decade.

If you need to know more about the Creatures series, you should go visit the Creatures Wiki, which has all of the information you could ever need on all games as well as their creators, players, and numerous add-ons.

-ElasticMuffin (aka diagonalfish)

Creature Downloads

If you are an archiver who wants to download all of the Creatures, here's a link. Please don't link directly to this file from elsewhere. Thanks!

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