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March 24, 2018
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Search Bug Fixed - March 28, 2008, 12:55:47 am by ElasticMuffin
A major issue with a recent tweak I made to the search engine caused any creatures-browsing to stop working unless you were logged in. It's fixed now. :)

... seriously, if fuzzie hadn't pointed this out today, I'd probably never have noticed. You guys need to complain about problems more! I promise I'll fix them. :)

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Milestone Mania - February 14, 2008, 03:01:55 am by ElasticMuffin
Hello, guys- did you know that TCR has, as of this evening, had 1000 creatures accepted into its database? It's true! Grendel Man has claimed the lucky ID-1000 spot with his charming Goldfish Grendal, Goldia. Congrats go to him and everyone else who has been busily submitting recently to help us achieve this milestone. (Your prize[1] is in the mail, Grendel Man ;)

In other news, I would like to note that I have introduced two additional members to the moderating staff, Malkin and kyevan. They will help to process submitted creatures along with the other moderators and myself henceforth.

More updates and perhaps a cool new project are slated for the future. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the site!

[1] Sorry, not actually a prize other than the everlasting fame and glory. But it's pretty cool, right?

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Download problems (UPDATED) - November 26, 2007, 03:37:29 pm by ElasticMuffin
A small but critical bug with the download script that reared its ugly head when my host switched to PHP5 has now been squashed. As for the people who have been experiencing "Error: No creature with the given ID is in the database." messages, downloads should now be working again.

Sorry about that!

Update: I have fixed another issue that was preventing you from being able to go back and forth between pages of creatures in the database correctly. Phew. I hope this fixes everything, but if not, post a comment to this news post and let me know.

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End-of-First-Year Statistics - August 06, 2007, 07:52:39 pm by ElasticMuffin
Hello TCR'ers!

As I was perusing the latest batch of incoming creatures today, I thought for a moment, and realized- today is TCR's first birthday! Let's see how far things have come in a year:

Total creatures in database: 786
Total downloads: 2565

Of those, 702 are Norns, 48 are Ettins, and a mere 36 are Grendels (so unloved!).

647 of these Creatures are for C3/DS, while C2 tallies 98 creatures and C1 has 48.

The smallest category: Not counting C1 Ettins (which don't exist), the smallest is C2 Ettins, tallying a single lone Grettin named Emmy ( Closely following the C2 Ettin category is Grendels for C1 and C2, containing 2 each.

The largest is, of course, C3 Norns, containing 568, or roughly 72%, of the database.

The Battle of the Sexes is a fairly close one: females barely edge out males, with 388 female creatures vs. 314 males.

The most popular creature is Bernalde ( with 19 downloads, a totally white Bengal/Siamese norn cross bred from Volt (another popular norn at 16 downloads) and submitted last October by Poopster. It seems that white is a popular color: 4 of the 5 most popular norns are almost totally white in color.

The most popular tag is "green", with 185 creatures, making it clear what color breeders prefer. It is closely followed by "chichi", a very common breed seeing as it comes free with Docking Station, which is a tag for 183 creatures. "bengal", "highgen", "purple", and "blue" are also very common, with over 100 creatures tagged for each.

The most prolific submitter is still angelneko, a creature-submitting powerhouse whose creatures make up a whopping 21% of the database (168 creatures). Tarlia, though she has been inactive on the site since November, still registers in second place, tallying 135 creatures, or 17%. Recent gainers include Aileea (49 creatures) and Poopster (currently at 40).

We currently have 93 members. For the most part, everyone has submitted at least 1 creature. :)

All in all, I am very pleased with the site and how it has done over the course of the year. Don't worry, folks - TCR isn't going anywhere.

Update: Tarlia is not actually as inactive as first thought. Hi, Tarlia! :)

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