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June 26, 2017
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Neon Female C2 Norn, Baby spike eldorado green 2008-03-09 14
Rabi Male C2 Norn, Baby spike animal bavaria gargoyle purple yellow 2007-02-27 16
Richard Male C2 Norn, Baby spike devil furryessex christmas morriganlake blue purple teal 2007-02-27 15
Evamaria Female C2 Norn, Child spike devil bavaria gargoyle daffodil teal purple brown 2007-02-27 16
Vala Female C2 Norn, Baby canny hebe spike green gold 2006-11-22 31
Sparke Female C2 Norn, Baby blue green canny emerald pegasus spike albiangrey 2006-11-19 26
Jotam Male C2 Norn, Baby purple pink spike devil bird mimikry redorchid 2006-10-21 16
Karsta Female C2 Norn, Baby purple gray spike sibirianwulf scorpio 2006-09-20 15
Coletta Female C2 Norn, Baby blue scorpio easter furryessex spike calypso 2006-09-11 20
Clivia Female C2 Norn, Baby purple spike animal zodiac 2006-09-11 13
Bonaventura Male C2 Norn, Baby green animal bilba spike cloud 2006-09-07 11
Caecilie Female C2 Norn, Baby uriel spike midsummer draco melange pink yellow 2006-08-26 10
Benny Male C2 Norn, Baby brown green scorpio spike ladybird midsummer bird 2006-08-26 14
Fenomena Female C2 Norn, Baby green ivy vulcana spike 2006-08-21 15
Arnulf Male C2 Norn, Adolescent green brown space spike bavaria zodiac 2006-08-19 14
Geli Female C2 Norn, Baby green ivy ladybird bird spike 2006-08-10 13
Amoena Female C2 Norn, Baby purple pink green multicolored melange spike pixie cat 2006-08-08 13
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